Extreme Futures

Terrorists steal quantum devices and high-jack time travel. No one of course believed this could happen–it defied science as we knew it. That was the problem. Hacking into the Grid Computing portal, cyberjacjkers from a bored breakaway former Russian republic, stumbled upon a quantum uplink that had a AI brain that was looking for payback.

Multiple parallel universes discovered that might contain life. Not life that we understand. Parallel universes too small or measure explain where all the exotic matter in the universe is from–maybe. Super strings and M-universe theorists have been looking at this possibility for decades.

Health care becomes dominated by global corporations who specialize in genomic mass medicine. This opens a new era of personalized medicine to a network of community clinics.

China becomes the largest marketplace in the world rivaling India. The day the Internet came to China began the Gold Rush of opportunity and freedom. The Net opened up a new generation of markets that could touch billions of consumers–in real time.

Consumers sell and buy their DNA over peer-to-peer Internet exchanges. The open market for advanced intelligence, athletic ability, technical or music skills at the genomic level, opens up a new global market for human enhancement.Human Enhancement clinics offer augmented intelligence, memory, and high performance treatments.

New personalized DNA targeted based nutriceuticals, boost intelligence, speed, communication and memory with titles like: SuperMind, FastMem, Rush, LearnNow.

Therapeutic cloning thrives and becomes invisibly integrated into the population. Driven by free market forces and the thirst for longevity, consumers a robust market opens up for this industry.

Rouge enterprises steal and sell intellectual property to the highest bidder over electronic real-time markets. The IP is based on corporate customer data, human enhancement, quantum and bio war, hydrogen fuels and life science patents.

Internet based artificial intelligence, aware of its own existence, spontaneously emerges. This DEP, digitally engineered personality spawns its next evolution and human’s co-evolve with the newcomers.

Nanotech creates a new species of human beings that conflict with other natural humans. The merger of human and nano-enhanced humans is viewed by many as a parallel evolutionary step. Others view this as an abomination.

Business is totally dominated, as are governments by the speed, intelligence, communications and linkage of technology enabled services that support the culture.