Trend Trakker

Trend Trakker™: A Global Risk and Strategic Forecasting Service

How do you identify key trends that affect risk and opportunity? How do you integrate these trends into into more accurate forecasting and strategy? Are you Future Ready-do you know what is coming next? The complexity of global risks and threats is increasing. Not just more complexity, but the convergence of risk factors makes forecasting difficult. A convergence of risks often blindsides even the best of forecasts. Government and multinationals demand faster, more accurate, and more relevant intelligence then ever before. To meet this demand, the Institute for Global Futures developed Trend Trakker.

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Security Trends
Trend Trakker is a Global Risk & Strategic Forecasting Service offered at the Institute for Global Futures. IGF is a leading think tank that advises Fortune 1000 clients and governments for over twenty years and was founded by renowned global futurist and author, Dr. James Canton.

Trend Trakker identifies key trends in over 250,000 news, information, media and research sources from over 100 countries. It assembles this data into actionable Trend Maps and briefings that clients can use to make better decisions, take actions, make strategic plans or rapidly deploy actions in real-time.

Trend Trakker is an established forecasting service that enables executives and leaders in government and industry to make better forecasts from having more relevant and actionable information on emerging trends. Trend Trakker is an unclassified, open source intelligence service that gives you the information you need to make better decisions, faster and more accurately.

Climate Change
In a world awash with information, you need targeted intelligence you can use. With Trend Trakker, you can identify early breaking news, risks and developments before the competition. Strategically relevant and updated trend domains include: Energy, security, workforce, population, innovation, health care, environment and many others can be tracked and delivered to your desktop any time, any place in the world. The service delivers an effective intelligence collection and analysis service that will help your organization:

  • Track global and regional risk factors
  • Identify customer trends
  • Follow new innovations
  • Monitor competitive strategy
  • Identify geopolitical trends
  • Increase market awareness of change
  • Respond faster to emerging opportunities
  • Better modeling of scenarios

Student Loan Finance Corporation uses Trend Trakker to help students identify gainful careers, find scholarships, identify colleges, collegiate trends, rankings and more.

Energy Voyager uses Trend Trakker to help leaders identify energy trends across many categories, including: Emissions trading, hydrogen fuel, battery technology, electric utility news and more.

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