Energy Futures

Energy is a metaphor for the future economic mobility of the world. Deep changes are coming. Energy is mission-essential to the growth, social stability and security of all nations. Oil overdependence and petro-fuel decline offer the world an incentive towards the discovery of renewable energy.

  1. Global demand for energy in the near future will outpace supply within twenty-five years unless new sources are found to support global growth.
  2. Energy terrorism and theft will become a future weapon of choice, threatening global peace and security.
  3. Energy, being linked to all vital services such as health, food, transportation and commerce will be a key driver of future global business.
  4. Clean, renewable energy sources such as solar, hydrogen and wind will be essential for future productivity.
  5. Oil-dominated energy is politically and economically unsustainable as a reliable source of fuel for the future. Although oil reserves are in supply decline and increasingly costly, oil will continue to play an important role in the 21st century.
  6. GDP, growth and productivity will decline if new and cost-effective non-oil energy sources are not found fast to protect future growth and prosperity, and to help rebalance the future of the world.
  7. New sources of renewable abundant and cost-effective energy must be fast developed within 20-30 years to manage the population’s expectations of enhanced quality of life worldwide.
  8. Carbon based pollution, from fossil fuels, will be linked to a growing number of future public health risks.
  9. Energy security will be one of the chief concerns in the 21st century leading to global competition, conflict and the collaboration of nations and corporations.
  10. Exciting new energy frontiers are emerging such as nanotechnology which will offer promising alternatives to traditional sources of energy in the future.