Future Smart Book

FUTURE SMART: Managing the Game-Changing Trends that will Transform Your World

A forecast of the most important game-changing trends—and how to manage and profit from them to improve your life. We live in a time of complex and radical change. Those that are ill-prepared for the seismic shifts set to occur over the next thirty years will be in for a rough ride.

The world is moving rapidly toward ubiquitous connectivity that will further accelerate how and where people collaborate, share, gather, do business, and exchange knowledge. The most important impact on the world of the Connected Planet Trend will be universal access to all human knowledge by everyone on the planet. Connecting and enabling new innovations, discoveries, solving world challenges, creating new products, solutions, generating economic prosperity — that is what the possibilities are of the Connected Planet in the near future.

The massive empowerment of individuals and societies through the power of global connectivity captures the essence of this trend. The Connected Planet will empower individuals with the mobile web, digital money, linked online markets, collaborative supply chains, and, above all, fuel a market for innovative new ideas.

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Future Smart Chapters:

Introduction: What Is Future Smart?
Chapter 1: From Future Ready to Future Smart
Chapter 2: The Connected Planet
Chapter 3: The New Future of Business: Predictive, Smart, and Mobile
Chapter 4: The Social Enterprise of the Future
Chapter 5: The New Future of the Economy
Chapter 6: Globalization 2.0
Chapter 7: Innovation Ecosystems: From Click-Streamers to Knowledge Value
Chapter 8: The Innovation Game Changers
Chapter 9: Techno-Futures: Next Web, Nano, and Quantum
Chapter 10: The New Future of Robots and Smart Machines
Chapter 11: The Game-Changing Future of Work and Jobs
Chapter 12: The Future of Medicine: From Prevention to Regeneration
Chapter 13: Reinventing Education: The Future of Learning
Chapter 14: The Uncomfortable Truth: The Future of Climate
Chapter 15: Hack the Planet: Climate Engineering
Chapter 16: Fueling the Planet
Chapter 17: The Neuro-Future: New Minds
Chapter 18: Why the Future Needs Us
Chapter 19: The Not-So-Far Future: 2100

Media Quotes About Dr. James Canton

“Money management may become man versus the machine, futurist Canton says” Wall Street Journal

“James Canton, chief executive of the think tank Institute for Global Futures, thinks that in the future many of your belongings will have embedded information, allowing… your clothing to communicate with each other.” NBC News

“Dr. James Canton says what was once science fiction will soon be science fact” FOX News

“James Canton has looked into his crystal ball and has fascinating predictions…” CNBC

“When everything – every object surrounding us – has an IP address, when our car can talk to our home, our phone, our TV – when all these objects connect and form part of what Dr. Canton calls a ‘blended reality” Forbes

“the convergence of robotics, AI computers, nanoscience and biotech will offer new choices for humans to extend their consciousness beyond the limitations of their bodies” Gizmag

“We are likely to see major strides in regenerative medicine says Dr. James Canton” The Atlantic

“It’s time for a security check says futurist Dr. James Canton” Chief Executive Magazine

“There are still some (futurists) prophesying at the planetary level: James Canton, for example, author of “Extreme Future” The Economist

“The future, however extreme it is, could benefit from more thinkers as creative and ambitious as James Canton.” World Future Society

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