Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Institute for Global Futures do? We provide keynote presentations, strategy consulting and research services about future trends that will shape business, markets and society. We use a unique proprietary Systems-Approach called Mapping the Future. We have a solid track record of performance for over 30 years.

  • Who is Dr. James Canton, the CEO? Dr. Canton is a renowned futurist, digital entrepreneur, author and keynote presenter who is noted for his accurate forecasts about future trends. He is the founder, CEO and Chairman of the Institute for Global Futures. See his full biography for more information.

  • Who are IGF’s customers? Most of IGF’s business is with the Global Fortune 1,000. We also provide keynote and consulting services for government clients. See IGF’s customer list, we are global.

  • Why hire IGF? If you are looking for an outstanding and dynamic keynote or insightful consulting that has real impact, then these are two good reasons to hire us. If you want to inspire or wake up your customers, company or association – hire Dr. Canton to keynote.

  • What is a futurist? A futurist is someone who uses various tools and strategies to analyze trends about the future. Yes, there are many folks calling themselves futurists that are clueless. We know.

  • How is IGF different from other companies? We are enterprise futurists who are provocative, innovative and bottom line focused. We are very customer and market savvy. We map trends that drive competitive advantage. The future impact of radical disruptive innovations that will shape the future. We have a Big Picture of what’s next for business and society.

  • What is the specific expertise IGF provides? We provide a unique capacity to empower clients with actionable information, trends, strategies and forecasts that can help them develop or manage change and growth.

  • What future trends does IGF focus on? We forecast trends regarding a wide array of areas such as technology, energy, climate, workforce, population, security, business, defense and society. We analyze trends in many industries, such as: Healthcare, pharma, retail, manufacturing, financial services, logistics, IT, media and others.

  • What does IGF really think about the future? We think the future looks promising for those that learn today how to adapt and plan for the Extreme Future that is coming. The rest of you are toast. Hire us.