Impossible Facebook and the Future of Social Media

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Impossible to imagine that a billion dollar revenue based company that dominates social media and has over 900 million users has to endure all of this huge diversionary mirage about the dysfunction of their public offering. Whew!! There I said it.

Common wisdom is that drop in value has something to do with Facebook’s S1 public offering disclosures, their lack of desire to actually make money (please, does anyone actually believe this?). I cannot think that anything is farther from reality.

Facebook is developing, and I do mean developing a disruptive new business model that puts a value on connections, relationships, networks of communities. Over $1 million per 900 million. Over $3 Million per business. This is a new, yet to be proven business model.

So the fast R/evolution of web business is hard to see in real time. Microsoft dominated the desktop, Google blew up advertising, Apple conquered the apps world and now Facebook is a mega disruptor all over again dominating social media. This doesn’t mean there is lots of room in the business ecosystem for Twitter, Linked In, and others to play in the huge global web connected marketplace. Plenty of dinero. Plenty of time to grow new innovations with a long tail.

So back to Facebook. Impossible Facebook. Can they meet the mobile web challenge learning from Apple? Can they monetize advertising like Google has? I think they can and they can co-compete with other players.

Keep in mind that to 900 people today and over two billion people tomorrow, within five years, Facebook will be the Web for most people. Search, communicate, transact, locate and share all via Facebook.

So do I care that the stock is dropping? Or the valuation is questionable? No. This is a billion dollar company just growing up. Give it time, while your on Facebook or off Liking this or that.

Let’s let Mark show us what he can do. I bet he is a closet data scientist that has big plans for big analytics, big data and has a vision of the future of social media, maybe even the future of society and business.

Impossible Facebook is a fulcrum of change, electrifying the now and maybe the future of social media. Give them time to stretch and grow.

In Malta this Week with Wolters Kluwer

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Crazy free-fall hides the battle between Euro-Socialism and Free Market Capitalism. Last time I checked, real jobs, real GDP growth, real innovation comes from Free Market Capitalism. Just because of the greed factor, the blow up of another asset class and real estate, doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end. Liquidity is tight. It is impossible to borrow. More bank failures are coming.

Just back from Istanbul with Siemens IT

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Very impressed with Istanbul. They are laying the foundation of the future of the net and business. Great example of a Post-Modern society. If they can do it, why not every other Islamic nation? Let’s get beyond the geopolitics of oil.

Here is my future of the Mid-East forecast — The Turkey Model. The first democratically elected moderate Muslim nation shows the way for the future. Companies like Siemens, my client, are building this broadband pervasive future. I get this is the future model that will offer prosperity and peace. Question is, who will be listening with a long view for the future?