Future of the Middle East: Emergence of the NeuroMind?

Posted by Dr. James Canton on February 14, 2011 under Uncategorized | Be the First to Comment

No one predicted before Egypt the revolution that has changed the government but of more interest, the emergence of what I call the NeuroMind. This is the collective fusion of minds, the people that changed the government and created an alternative to the Mubarak government

The NeuroMind, is the collective unconscious hive mind that united, organized and communicated beyond the borders of normal cognition. There is something very different going on here–a Network Effect influenced by the mass neuroscience of minds that we need to understand. This is not business as usual.

Every government in the Middle East and Africa should take notice about this NeuroMind changing the political dynamic in their country. Every leader is questioning what this phenomena is about and how to understand if this NeuroMind is coming to visit them–Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine…governments beware.

The Network Effect, the accelerating even evolutionary shift in power maybe neurological in nature, not just political. In a future world that is coming where over 8 billion are connected by wireless the NeuroMind will emerge as a social force of change.

Beware the NeuroMindneo.matrix