The Innovator’s Mindset

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So much talk about innovation. Innovations, from tech innovation to systems, culture and process all can make a a huge difference in a company or organization. But why is innovating so hard?

This is because we don’t know where it begins–where innovation is born is in the mind.

The innovation is about Inventing Something New, a fresh product, service, solution or some new way to bring value to a customer.

Innovation starts within the mind of the person. The Innovators Mindset is about the ways of thinking that cause innovation to be born.

These Innovative Mindsets are:
No Rules
Fiercely Experiment
Be Future Smart
Start Big
Take No No’s
Create a Compelling Aha Vision

Innovation is about the mindset of open possibility. Real innovators, had an idea, a vision before they had a thing. Ted Turner, CNN. Apple’s Steve Jobs. Craig Venter mapping the Human Genome. Crick and Watson on DNA and Ratan Tata’s Nano car. They all had a vision of what what was possible and few supporters at first.

Think Big

The Mashup Economy 2.0

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This year we are going to have to redefine the economy. Too many innovations are emerging that are blowing up business models but I do know this: The Mashup Economy is coming.

The Mashup Economy is all about the convergence of new media, social networks, influence management, predictive analytics, mobility and Web 2.0. This is not your father’s economy (or mothers!) The point is that a collision of new innovative even disruptive tech will be offering new business models-watch or serious games, social selling, virtual world markets and person to person marketing.

The currency of new ideas will rule. Learn the new language of the Mashup, the Mashup Economy.

Stay tuned

Facebook Trend Propels Consumers and Business

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Facebook is transforming consumers and business by offering a new dynamic marketing model where Attention and Community Rules. Not that Google and even newcomer GroupOn do not challenge the establishment of marketing, but Facebook’s fast adoption by consumers is leading the way.

Every organization should stand up and realize the Death of Marketing is here, that is traditional marketing. If you want to touch consumers, Facebook’s lessons about collaboration, birds of a feather, consumer to consumer advice and the de-personalization of technology–the digital community of virtual friends (even those you never met!) is forging a new marketing narrative.

GroupOn, Google, Facebook offer a glimpse of a future marketplace of the Mashup Economy that’s coming.

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