Future of MegaCities

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Over 50% of the planet lives in MegCities today. We are forecasting over 65% by 2025. Part of the mobile migration is about jobs. 1,000 years ago it was security, safety even culture. We will need to get much better at feeding and providing basic services for the next 200 megaCities that will emerge. From energy to health care, the next Mfloating_city_22nd_centuryegaCities, that is 10 million or more people will need care and nurturing well beyond the planetary logistics we know of today.

At the Institute for Global Futures we have been working with corporations and governments to better understand the needs of the future and how tomorrow’s MegaCities will demand an entirely new narrative about culture, business, communications and interaction.

Singularity University for Exec’s

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So for those that have not heard about Singularity University, http://singularityu.org/sponsored by NASA and Google it is a university by futurists, inspired by Ray Kurzweil futurist, author and Peter Diamandes the X Prize founder.

Out of these concerns, and grounded in the belief that advanced tech innovations might save the planet and our way of life, Singularity University was born. A place to educate and share big ideas about how to develop human and tech potential to meet the challenges of the future.

The objective of the school is to actually blow up schools, at least the model of education. The big idea is to prepare the next generation of leaders to deal with exponential tech and innovations that could transform the planet for the better.

As lead chair for Futures and Forecasting track, I am concerned that we are not preparing leaders fast enough and deep enough to meet the grand challenges that confront humanity now and in the future. Grand challenges like accelerating climate change, the next 500 megacities, feeding 9 billion people, peace and security for the future planetary needs of our children. We need a new type of leadership model that is ready for the future.

Check it out. We just graduated the first executive group and the first university student group this past summer.

Singularity U is an experiment in transforming not just education but in thinking and doing for creating a better world.

What is next for nano, bio, neuro, quantum and IT? Come and find out, many lectures are online. We are building a community, join.

Check out the Synthetic Biology talk on the front page at www.Singularityu.org

Back from India

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Just got back from India. Crazy mashup of nextgen innovation and spiritual capitalism. Drove the new Nano from Tata Motors, revolutionary. Why? For about $2,000 US it enables millions to get a car and will transform the logistics and transformation of the developing world.

Also, spent some time at CRL, a supercomputer putting out 200 pentabytes of thinking, glowing, aware power. In the CPU room was a image in honor of Genesh, the Hindu Elephant God, very auspicious, good vibes, such a fantastic fusion of spirit and computing, the AI inside or out. Ghost in the machine or human in the machine?