New Film Project, Surrogates Robo-Human Future with Terminator Crew

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A new film project, The Surrogates movie, is Terminator meets Blade Runner demonstrates the rapid acceleration of technology and its impact on society—in radical new ways. Its is based on a graphic novel of the same name. It is a bold even dark future that could happen. As with every technology there are good, bad and ugly scenarios that share an equal possibility of emerging as reality. This film captures this chaos.

We just finished on Friday the prequel to Surrogates. This is the yet to be released film starring Bruce Willis and directed and produced by the Terminator movie team. The film is about a future time when everyone has a surrogate, a robot avatar of sorts, that operates in society. The prequel is the mini film documentary about how robots will change human society, in dangerous ways. More complicated then robo cleaners, in this future, humans experience life via being connected to Sim Chairs that wirelessly connect with their Surrogates, their robo-selves.

In this future, robo-surrogates take risks, engage in adventures and operate in society often because their human owners don’t go out. Surrogates offer a parallel society of interactive robots and humans who experience their robots every sensation. There is a murder, the first in 15 years of a surrogate and their human. Willis is assigned the investigation to unravel the murder.

What the prequel, a short film I am being interviewed for, explores the future of robots and society. What kind of a dangerous Extreme Future, world are we creating where both robots and humans will interact in intimate and collaborative ways that may fundamentally change the nature of human culture. In the film, as today, we are not ready for accelerating innovations–from synthetic biology to AI–that creeping into every aspect of our world. Yes we move forward towards a number of Singularities–computing, nanotech, biotech, neurotech, quantum.

In a world where everything is connected, aware, interacting and even alive, new synthetic life forms, systems and smart processes are emerging, even here, few are watching. Some are not human. There may be other non-human agendas emerging that are directing the evolution of planetary culture, parallel to human evolution. Are you watching?

My last book, the Extreme Future explored some of this landscape, read it for more future forecasts. Look for Bruce Willis’s new movie, the Surrogates in Nov. 2009.

Ghost Hack and Swine Flu Connection

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The Ghost Hack that is now embedded in about 100 million computers, perpetrated by an rogue Asian secret organization is waiting for instructions. It is an experiment in how powerful hackers can comprise our IT infrastructure. Just an experiment in staging a penetration on a scale we cannot properly even measure. Showcase for future intrusions?

Now take the Swine Flu. There are few life forms on the planet that are older or more agile then a virus. They make perfect platforms for carrying engineered pathogens or bio-agents. Given this relative benign nature of the current Swine flu, we cannot forget that the global pandemic speed that this flu traveled, covering in less then two weeks 40 countries should be noted.

The connection between two random but global agents, to reach the penetration, from a systems acceleration perspective is not random. In a larger context, both of these events, one seemingly random, the Swin flu and the other a purposeful malicious hack, have the same global system dynamics–fast trajectory of penetration, borderless mobility, digital and human infection, infection velocity and transglobal impact.

At the Institute for Global futures, we track these seemingly wild card events to establish patterns of connection so we are able to make forecasts, trends and provide advice to our clients. This is an example of a speculative but plausible scenario we are watching.