The New World Dis-Order

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Though it looks like it, and maybe it is now a global crisis, this will lead to more controls and regulations by government that has not been in the game. The truth is that the level of complexity that is required to understand and manage this global mess defies anyone who is in charge. We need a new type of 21st Century Leader who can manage high complexity. The search for value will persist as the mobility of capital circulating the globe, over $10 trillion, must go someplace for a return.

We all need a Debt Haircut and it is coming–but the pruning and consolidation in industries and markets will continue. Forecast: This is a five year work out. So don’t panic, hold on. Not a bad time to set up a leap option or go long on those stocks that are more then cheap. Apple anyone? High Tech looking good.

In Malta this Week with Wolters Kluwer

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Crazy free-fall hides the battle between Euro-Socialism and Free Market Capitalism. Last time I checked, real jobs, real GDP growth, real innovation comes from Free Market Capitalism. Just because of the greed factor, the blow up of another asset class and real estate, doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end. Liquidity is tight. It is impossible to borrow. More bank failures are coming.

Just back from Istanbul with Siemens IT

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Very impressed with Istanbul. They are laying the foundation of the future of the net and business. Great example of a Post-Modern society. If they can do it, why not every other Islamic nation? Let’s get beyond the geopolitics of oil.

Here is my future of the Mid-East forecast — The Turkey Model. The first democratically elected moderate Muslim nation shows the way for the future. Companies like Siemens, my client, are building this broadband pervasive future. I get this is the future model that will offer prosperity and peace. Question is, who will be listening with a long view for the future?