Visualize This!

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At the Institute for Global Futures, we track trends by visualizing complex information. We build information rich models to help construct our forecasts. History flow is a tool for visualizing dynamic, evolving documents and the interactions of multiple collaborating authors. In its current implementation, history flow is being used to visualize the evolutionary history of wiki pages on Wikipedia. The collaboration and conflict between authors can often be revealed in a dynamic environment. For more info., go here and click on gallery: History Flow

Too much complexity can be frustrating in getting meaning from information. Visualizing information, especially innovation, can be daunting. How do we better explain ways in which we think about innovation, or new models of reality, science and commerce? We have developed a series of Future Mapping Models that are an attempt to organize complex information so understanding may emerge. For examples, see: Mapping the Future

Be Innovative – Time for Business Process Transformation!

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The big elephant in the room is banging around again. This year what every CIO and CEO should be thinking about is how to re-design work for optimal performance, customer service and max speed and profitability. In order to meet this tall order, BPT is in order—this is actually a long overdue action that if done right re-thinks work, process and outcomes. The goals are to re-invent the organization and use a more intelligent fusion of people and tech to do so. If this sounds too mundane, arcane or non-specific consider this. Competitive advantage will be established by those leaders that re-design work processes and organizations for optimal performance. Those that stand still, avoid innovation and resist change will die.