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Posted by Dr. James Canton on January 30, 2007 under Uncategorized | Be the First to Comment

2007 Global Trends Report: The Top Ten Forecasts Every Business Needs to Know Now

We have just released our annual top ten forecasts for the New Year. This report covers green consumerism, to securing the future, to super innovations, pervasive mobility and the war for talent. If you want to know what top trends are coming this year, read this report. You may download the executive summary at this link: 2007 Global Trends Report

The Click-Stream Consumer

There is a powerful and dynamic new consumer who is fast disrupting the global marketplace. They want to InterAct: They blog, search, create media, game, transact, sell, buy, learn and live online. Their lifestyle and work-style has morphed into the Click-Stream. A new report by the Institute for Global Futures focuses on the emerging Click-Stream Consumer. What do they want? Who is this consumer? Our kids, clients, friends and family, all made up of a large global audience. No company can afford to ignore them. Understand them and profit for the future.

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